+2 Melee per Template.

  1. Fashionable, Duelist
  2. Insult Swordfighting
  3. Blade Throw Finisher
  4. Chandelier Swing

You can wear fashionable clothing instead of armor. Fashionable clothing costs the same as the equivalent armor but takes up no Inventory Slots. Fashionable clothing is Fragile, and gains a Break (-1 Def) each time you take fire damage, acid damage, get really wet, or get really dirty.

Each time you defeat an enemy in single combat (such as a duel), keep track of what type of weapon they were wielding. You get +1 Defense against that type of weapon. This ability cannot raise your Defense higher than 6, as if you were wearing plate.

Insult Swordfighting
You can make a CHR test to sling a one-liner at a target and gain advantage when attacking or defending vs them. If you fail the test, they have a devastating comeback that gives you disadvantage when attacking or defending vs them. You may only target one enemy at a time with this ability.

Blade Throw Finisher
If you are reduced to 0 grit, you may make a ranged attack with your blade. If it hits a target of your level or lower, they die and you immediately gain 1d6 grit.

Chandelier Swing
Once per session, you may add an advantageous piece of architecture to the scene, a chandelier, a waterwheel, a tall ladder, a floor of loose boards. You may use this to attack up to 2d6 enemies in a single zone, either dealing 1d6 damage, knocking them prone, or shoving them into an adjacent zone.