You gain +1 Initiative and +1 Mastery for every Tactician template you possess.

  1. Threat Assessment, Tactic
  2. Spot Opportunity
  3. On Watch
  4. Spot Weakness

Threat Assessment
You learn a creature’s level after watching it fight for a round.

As a standard action, you yell advice to an ally, who then makes a free attack. This free attack must be a basic, unmodified melee or ranged attack.

Spot Opportunity
Whenever your party rolls initiative, a random PC (including yourself) gets an opportunity against a random enemy. The opportunity gives the random PC +2 Attack, +2 Damage, and +2 to overcome the target’s Save (if applicable). This opportunity lasts until the end of the round.

On Watch
When you are in a combat together, your allies have Initiative 12, unless they already have better Initiative.

Spot Weakness
As a standard action, you may observe a creature fight and then make an Intelligence check. If you succeed, the next time you deal damage to that creature, you deal +1d12 damage (once). This ability also has a use outside of combat. If you succeed on an Int check, you can learn an NPC’s weakness, secret shame, or greatest fear (DM’s choice).