+2 Flesh per template

  1. Bodyguard, Perry 1/day
  2. Yell on Hands
  3. Large Weapon Specialist, Perry 2/day
  4. Retribution

Instead of attacking, you may choose a nearby ally to protect. Any attack that targets them will target you instead.

Once per day, you may reduce incoming damage by 6. You may sunder your shield to increase this to 12.

Yell on Hands
Once per day, as a free action, you can yell especially effective encouragement. Allies who can hear you regain 1d4 grit (but unconscious allies cannot hear anything). This is non-magical healing. If you use this ability out of combat, allies instead gain 1d6+1 grit.

Large Weapon Specialist
You may use a two-handed weapon or tower shield in one hand.

Gain 1 revenge point for each damage you take. On a crit, add your revenge points to your damage, then set revenge to zero.