Requirement: Spellbook OR 2 Blank Scrolls, Access to Magical Tutor OR Ancient Library OR Magical Brain to Eat.

Each level of Wizard gives you +1 Magic Die.

  1. Magical Study, Book Casting
  2. Librarian
  3. Spell Development
  4. Expanded Spell List

Magical Study
With an hour’s study and something to write with, you may move any number of spells between spellbooks and scrolls. Spells may not be copied this way, only moved. As you write the incantaions of the spell on one page, they fade from the other.

Each template of wizard you take, you may add three random spells to a spellbook or empty scrolls.

Book Casting
You can cast from a scroll or a spellbook in a way that does not expend the spell. You do not gain the free casting die normally generated by consuming a scroll and automatically lose initiative. If you take any damage before your action, the spell fizzles, you can still take an action, just not casting a spell. After casting, the spell fades from the scroll and returns again the next morning.

Reading a book for an hour gives you +1 to skill tests related to that book. In addition, you may sacrifice a mundane book in order to reroll a Magic Die, the text becomes garbled and useless.

Spell Development
With a week of downtime, you can turn two spell scrolls into a new spell scroll. You can choose one of the following:

Spellbook Expansion
Add 3 spells of your choice from the spell list. From now on, whenever you level up, you may swap one of your spells for one of your choice from the spell list.