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Summary: Assassin You gain +1 Stealth for every Assassin template you possess. Skills of a Killer, Assassinate Opportunist Dramatic Infiltration, . . .


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You gain +1 Stealth for every Assassin template you possess.

  1. Skills of a Killer, Assassinate
  2. Opportunist
  3. Dramatic Infiltration, Artisanal Poison
  4. Deadly Opportunist

Skills of a Killer
You gain the Disguise and Poisoner skills at Rank 1. They always improve when tested.

Assassins collect information about their targets before closing in for the kill. For every fact that you know about your target, you deal an additional +1 damage during surprise rounds, for a max of +5 damage.

These don’t have to be major facts, but they cannot be trivial. “Drinks Earl Grey tea” “Commands the fifth cavalry” “Is named Ostruchus Poncelroy” are all good facts. “Is currently inside his tent”, “Is a man”, “Has two arms” are not. If you could learn it by looking at a snapshot of the current scene, it’s trivial.

Whenever you get a situational bonus on an attack roll (surprise, elevation, etc) you deal an additional +1d6 Damage.

Dramatic Infiltration
At any time, you may declare that you are walking off-screen. Later on in the session, you may reveal yourself to have been a minor NPC in the background of the scene “all along” as long as there actually are minor NPCs in the background of the scene. You can always walk back on stage at any time, even climbing in a window. This ability is limited by plausibility.

Artisanal Poison
You can tailor a poison to its intended target. Each dose requires three vials of regular poison, five facts about your target, and some piece of the target (blood, hair, etc). The final product is a deadly poison (2d6) that works even on targets normally immune to poison.

Deadly Opportunist
The damage from your Opportunist ability increases to +2d6.