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> //Requirements: Spend a week underground, making something of value.//

Requirements: Spend a week underground, making something of value.

Basically: Tough cavedweller who is good to their tools and destined to make great things.

For every template of Dwarf you take, gain +1 Flesh and +1 Save.
Perks marked with a * are only available to those born as Dwarf.

  1. Digger Sense, Stony Recovery*
  2. The Hammer Trick*, Respect the Gear
  3. Greed
  4. Dwarven Inspiration

Digger Sense
For each template of Dwarf you choose, you can always detect one of the following:

Stony Recovery*
If you die from poison or disease, you turn into stone for 1d6+7 days, then return to life at 1 HP, purified of the malady.

The Hammer Trick*
Dwarf-made gilded weapons and tools that you can see will fly to your hand when you focus on them. If you and another dwarf are trying to summon the same weapon, the one closer related to the dwarf who forged it will win.

Respect the Gear
Your fastidious maintenance ensures that your equipment will never break, chip, wear or misfire.

For each inventory slot filled with treasure gain +1 to saves and ability tests.

Dwarven Inspiration
You are struck with the need to complete a work of great import. It will take roughly 50000gp and a year’s worth of dwarf-hours to complete (52 dwarf-weeks). For every week you spend working on it, you will attract 1d6 dwarves who will either join the project at your direction, or follow you as level 2 mercenaries. For every week you don’t spend working on it lose 1 maximum Grit.

Upon completion of the work, reveal it to be:

Roughly describe its appearance, how it’s so amazing or whatever. The referee will give it an effect, but every dwarf will lose interest in the project immediately upon completion.