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< //Requirement: Spend a week in the elements without clothes or tools. Eat a stag's heart in a place of power.//


> //Requirement: Eat a stag's heart in a place of power.//

Requirement: Eat a stag’s heart in a place of power.

+1 MD per Template

  1. WildShape, Uncouth, Raw Diet
  2. Learning Stomach
  3. Adaptable
  4. Wildershape

Learn the spell WildShape:
R: 0; T: self; D: permanent until dismissed

You polymorph into an animal you have personally killed and eaten from. You can only transform into animals of HD up to twice yours. You gain all abilities and limitations of your new form, you cannot cast spells or use your normal abilities.

At 1 [die], you can only assume forms of natural animals, no more than twice your size, or less than half. At 2 [dice] you can transform into any size of animal. At 3 [dice], you can also transform into giant, dire or mutant animals, or swarms. At 4 [dice], you can shapeshift into magical beasts.

You get -2 to reaction rolls from civilized people, and +2 from animals and people in tune with nature.

Raw Diet
After eating cooked food you lose the ability to wildshape for 1d6 hours.

Learning Stomach
Make a save after eating the meat of an animal to learn a skill related to them. Eating a venomous snake might teach you “poisoner”, eating a beaver might teach you “logger”. You can also understand the language of any animal you eat.

You can cast spells and use abilities while Wildshaped, unless it wouldn’t make sense.

Wilder Shape
When you wildshape, you can shapeshift only a part of your body, gaining whatever effect would be appropriate.

For example, you could transform your legs into ones of a kangaroo, or the eyes of an owl, the fangs of a viper, a turtle shell, the gills of a fish, etc. You can also use this power to combine various animal forms, or to transform into a half-human beastman.


  1. You become stuck in your transformed state for 1d6 hours.
  2. Part of your body is stuck in its transformed state for 1d6 days.
  3. You can’t speak except in grunts, growls, and barks for 1d6 hours.
  4. You become ravenously hungry, taking 1 damage per turn until you eat flesh.
  5. You can’t wear clothes or use tools for 1d6 hours.
  6. You are attacked by animals every turn for 1d6 turns.

Dooms These can be reversed by killing and eating an animal with twice your HD.

  1. Part of your body permanently transforms, regardless of what you wildshape into.
  2. You feel your animal instincts calling you to the wild. You find yourself longing for a simpler life.
  3. One morning you strip yourself of your clothes and wander away from camp. If you are seen again, it is as a wild beast.

Based on The Paladin of the Wild