Geographical locations

Big Ribbit Swamp: Frogs’ domain, but lots of strange and dangerous animals. Frogs can be a bit piratical. Great Shady Forest: The southern extent of Sylvet, but not very controlled. Lots of foxes and owls. Sliding back into barbarism. Shady Forest rodents consider themselves Sylvetians, look down on Freewater critters as people who fled when they stayed to tough it out.

Terrorsky Fields: Grasslands. Many hawks, many voles. Lands not part of Alliance of Free Critters. Voles claim their ruler is a Giant ghost named Xer.

Hungry Mountains: Mountains with steep and cliffy evergreen foothills. Considered a wild place, with strange folk. Pikas from here can be occasionally met in Freewater lands. According to legends the mountain eagles are actually wise noble allies to small critters; pikas roll their eyes when they hear this.

Acid Sea: Deep inland bay, still sick from great burning. Slug shell-ships ply these waters. Best avoided. Greenside: Area with many rabbit and mouse farms. Rolling low hills, grassy and wooded. Also generally the north banks of the Freewater. Goldside: Hilly land with many river valleys and caves, drier grass that turns gold. Some mines. Also generally, the south banks of the Freewater.

Lake Refuge: The supposed place where mice and rats fleeing the Old Shiny Crown’s push into Sylvet came to at last, and met beavers, Freebog mice and frogs; the beginning of the Freewater Alliance. The lake is managed by beavers, sometimes overrun by birds.

The Swath: An impossibly long mound of crumbling rubble, an old Giants path or burial mound. Not quite reclaimed by forest. Supposedly the border between Sylvet and the Freewater. Spoken of as if the moment you step on it, an owl swoops down and eats you.

Giantsgrave: Rocky, grassy area, a massive graveyard haunted by almost-faded ghost of giants. Heavily plundered by Old Shiny Crown rats in ancient times, a cursed and empty land now.

Important Habitations

Tower Mostmossy: An ancient Giant building maintained for centuries by bats. A bat cult rules the tower, but around its base is a Shiny Crown army encampment. Subject of much worry and stress for geopolitically minded Freewater Critters. Rulers: Unknown bat; Glorious General Feliciana.

Uz: Seagull roost. Place of horror where critters are enslaved to work in mines. Parents tell children if they are naughty, a seagull will grab them and carry them off to Uz. Ruler: changes often between factions.

Southwatch: Sylvetian castle. Southernmost military post of Sylvet, considered a training location for Sylvetian forces. Sends out far-ranging patrols south of the Swath, knows secret crossings. Ruler: Duke Flufanil, nursing ancient claims to all land down to the Hungry Mountains.

Freebog: Very old city, originally a notorious pirate haven, now a cultured, rich mouse city, so Freeboggans like to think. Several industries but most famous for glass and silk. Built on a rocky hill in the marsh. Ruler: a complicated democratic council.

Midrock: agricultural/industrial center. Exists as two separate cities on either side of a massive beaver dam/bridge that is itself like a third city. North is older, more agricultural w/ a shipyard. South is newer, metalworks, production of batteries, gunpowder. Considered a little overgrown and out of control. Ruler: the guild council.

Pax: An ancient rabbit holy place and center of the rabbit population, also the place where Sylvet and Freewater signed the Peace of 293, about a hundred years ago. Cathedral Burrow is a destination of pilgrimage and miracles. The Sacred Grove is open only to the priesthood.

What’s off the map to the…?

West: Just more ocean. Fanciful tales of Sunset lands are popular in Freebog, involving a cast of celestial gods all the way up to the sun and moon themselves. The stories are usually professed to be told to the authors by seafaring terns; “tern tale” is a derisive derivation.

North: Sylvet, a forest-kingdom, and other breakaway states more or less in a constant state of conflict with each other or resisting Shiny Crown incursions. North of these, the Shiny Crown lands themselves, a rat-supremacist empire of ancient lineage.

East: Beyond the Terrorsky fields, a large wetlands, high mountains then desert. Somewhere in there is the Domain of Xer according to the voles.

South: Across the mountains, and around the Acid Sea, lie the lands of New Slug City, where everyone is a slave to slugs and their ruthless crab enforcers. It is not clear if an Old Slug City existed.