From the point of view of mice, this is what it’s like to talk to other kinds of animals.

Other Rodents are easily talked to, but regional accents are strong. Freewater is represented English, kind of a cross between American and British English. They have names coming from grass and woodlands. Sylvet is kind of French-y. The Shiny Crown is very Roman and therefore Latin. Rats tend to have Roman names but don’t speak it unless they are native to the Shiny Crown lands. Squirrels are often shockingly vulgar.

Rabbits are easily talked to. They tend to be very devout and have virtuous or abstract names. In Freewater, particularly religious ones will say ‘thee’ and ‘thine’.

Foxes, Cats and other mammal predators are very well spoken, and often act as if they are not ravenous eaters of innocent mice. It is rude to bring it up. Dogs talk very fast.

Colossal Mammals like deer or moose sound to mice like poetry. “I feel the wind, and I am dissatisfied.” A wolf howl is heard by mice as praise for the night. “Lo, the trees do rustle.”

Frogs can be difficult to talk to. To mice it sounds like two-syllable statements, sometimes said quite loud. “Who-you?” “Where-go?” “Here-me.” Frogs often pretend not to hear.

Turtles talk slowly and quietly, favoring multisyllabic words, said one syllable at a time. Most sages are turtles, and a few seem to live in Freebog bath-houses.

Birds love to shout single syllables! Love! Love! Shout! They are often talking to each other, and announcing everything to the world. They can inadvertently provide warning of predators, although they do not like this for the benefit of mice. Most birds do not like mice, can be very pushy and bullying, and consider everything they see up for grabs. Owls especially among birds are able to string together single-syllable sentences.

Reptiles seem to speak telepathically among themselves, and almost never care to speak or listen, though snakes often have something to say to mice.

Insects do not talk at all, or seem to mice to possess much intelligence, except for the more social ones such as ants and bees, who can talk very clearly with mice, but their concerns are strange. They seem to have ancient knowledge, but are not religious or even have much sense of self, except for their leaders.