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The party met each other whilst trying to find a place to stay in the busy town of Yellow-Water. Their search had seen them converge at a tavern on the outskirts of town called The Jingling Purse. Here they were directed to take a seat and wait to be served, and were sat together in the corner of the room.

The barkeep, Barty Andrews, was approached by [[Ceanatis?]], who bought a 10cp flagon of warm milk. The party was seated and awkwardly eyed each other. [[Gibbli_Barclay?|Barclay]] discretely fed his toad.

When the hairy-chinned [[Bertha_Andrews?|barmaid]] approached, [[Bao_Feng?]] inquired whether a room was available or not. She told him they were booked out. However, Bao’s silver tongue led her to strike a deal: they could sleep in the basement if they would clear out an infestation. The party agreed, and she led them around the back. Ceanatis followed at a distance and was stopped by Barty. After some humerous bluffing implying Ceanatis was the mayor, Barty realized he was with the group and let him pass.

In the basement they killed three dire rats before being pounced by a ratling that summoned a rat swarm when it realized it was losing. During the fight, Barclay took minimal damage, Bao a significant amount, and Ceanatis was knocked out. The party used rum and rags to stabilize him.

The party then stayed the night in the Andrews’ quarters (Barclay and Ceanatis outside) and were healed with bedrest, a large breakfast and Ceanatis’ healing. Barty helped Bao decide where to proceed; as paid mercenaries guarding an outgoing trade caravan West.

They left the tavern shortly after, and a scruffy, bearded man approached Barclay offering to “show him a magic trick.” The party were very suspicious and declined, telling him they were heading for the trade hub. The old man offered to take them there via a shortcut, which Bao agreed to. A short ways down an alley the man drew a glinting object from his belt…

Session ran from about 16:00 to about 19:00, when we departed due to my lack of planning enough to keep the group moving. Enthusiasm dwindled near the end.

I must work on describing atmosphere and NPCs, and go into more depth with their dialogue. The atmosphere in particular started and ended with the whiteboard sketch. I must get my sound effects system happening, and take the time to describe scenes and people.

I must also encourage Matt to use his abilities, and remember his camel! Altogether, the more descriptions the better. Consider adding alcohol to the mix.

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