Amaterasu is a large world, with a diameter of roughly 14,000km. It has a dense nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere that requires a minimal acclimatization period and is otherwise breathable without filter masks or other equipment.

The surface of Amaterasu is roughly 20% water, concentrated into a few small seas close to the equator. The dense atmosphere, however, tends to accumulate a fair amount of humidity. The land itself tends to get rocky, cold, and barren the farther one gets from the seas, around which most settlements are located. The weather there is generally pleasant and mild.

Amaterasu has a general population of 20,000,000 local residents, divided into two primary factions, each one centered around one of the two major seas. Relations between them are generally peaceful, but ideologies differ enough to prevent a world unification. The starport sits on “international” ground.

Visitors may find Amaterasu moderately restrictive, as most personal firearms are regulated or restricted by local authorities. Amaterasu has an excellent Class A starport, with extensive shipyards capable of constructing new starships and overhaul existing vessels.

Amaterasu has advanced technological capabilities, on a par with the old Federation.