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Bhumi is home to the reptilian-looking Manava, a tough and aggressive species descended from carnivorous predators. Their population numbers about 6 billion, with political lines divided across 4 main power blocs. At the moment they are enjoying a fairly peaceful period with only occasional border disputes. They are somewhat technologically primitive, having only recently developed widespread electrical power and internal combustion.

The world is roughly the same size as Old Earth, but with about half the surface water. Large portions of the land are arid steppe and desert. High volcanic activity on the planet has resulted in large amounts of sulfur compounds in the atmosphere such as hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide. In addition to making the air smell like rotten eggs, these compounds can cause lung damage if breathed over a long period. Filter masks will make the air safe to breathe.

The planet’s laws vary from region to region, but around their class-C spaceport (international territory) most firearms are restricted. For the most part, laws are reasonable and visitors should expect little trouble from police and security.