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Home planet of the Dhulkan species, Dhulka is a dry, desert world approximately 8,000km in diameter. It’s home to more than 7 billion Dhulkans, and every major clan has a stronghold here. Its atmosphere is somewhat thin (0.65) but otherwise breathable. Travellers accustomed to standard shipboard oxygen levels may experience headaches and fatigue comparable to altitude sickness until they adjust.

Dhulka has no centralized government, with each major clan claiming its hold on the world’s limited resources.

The starport authorities on Dhulka are fairly intrusive, and visitors should be aware that the possession of firearms are illegal and even personal melee weapons are either highly controlled or banned. Each clan has its own specific laws and customs, though laws tend to be more lax the farther one gets from a population center.

Dhulka has an excellent Class A starport, with extensive shipyards capable of constructing new starships and overhauling existing vessels. The world’s technology and infrastructure are cutting edge and rival the capabilities of the Federation at its peak.