Homeworld: Dhulka (Alpha Subsector 0503)

Dhulkans call themselves the Adaane, which is basically their version of “human being”.

Having evolved on a dry world with limited resources, the Adaane tend to be fiercely territorial and highly competitive.

In appearance they vaguely resemble a person-sized, hairless coati.

Adaane are sequential hermaphrodites, born male and evolving to become female at a later adult stage. The Adaane have developed medicine that allows them to control this change if they so desire. Reproduction is oviparous. Females typically lay their eggs in clutches shared with other clanmates appropriate to their station, and the eggs and subsequent hatchlings are cared for communally.

Game notes:

All adaane/dhulkans gain the following traits:

They have no adjustments to their stats.