Izanami is a large world with a gravity slightly higher than Terran standard. The nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere is breathable by humans; however, the presence of harmful atmosphere-borne fungi requires use of a filter mask at all times. Without one, they will attack the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat, invade the lungs and cause eventual suffocation. These fungi cannot be acclimated to, and native-born residents must wear masks as well.

The surface of Izanami is roughly 72% surface water, similar to that of Terra. Its population numbers 700,000 local residents, most of whom are concentrated around the world’s major city, Ankara. The planet’s class-B starport is located just outside this city.

The world is governed by a Izanamicorp, which originally was a corporate outpost for Magnus Multistellar. After losing contact with their Federation superiors, the local executives built the planetary government around the business, with a board of directors establishing laws. Corruption is rampant.

At least within the confines of Ankara the possession of all firearms except stunners and blades is expressly forbidden, and visitors carrying those will probably be harassed.

IzanamiCorp is a chief supplier of agroproducts for the sector, and it’s a good place to sell machine parts, electronics and manufactured goods.