Jariban is a large world, with a diameter of roughly 14,400km. It has a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere comparable to that of Old Earth but provides much less oxygen and can make acclimatization difficult. Visitors are advised to carry respirators until they have fully adjusted. The surface of the planet is roughly 61% surface water, which breaks the surface into large continents.

The general population is 900 million local residents, about 85% of which represent the various Dhulkan clans, most of the rest being human. Visitors may find Jariban moderately restrictive, as most personal firearms are regulated or restricted by local authorities. Jariban has a Class C starport, with limited shipyards capable of performing major repairs.

Jariban’s tech level is classified as Early Stellar, with sufficient infrastructure to build gravitics, ship-mounted beam lasers, and vehicle-sized fusion power plants.

Jariban offers a modest agricultural trade but is better known for its manufactured goods (appliances, tools, clothing, etc) created by the competing local industries.