The De Facto capital of the Dhulkan Interplanetary Consortium, Kowaad is focused primarily on industry, and it is particularly known for its advanced polymers. The world is ruled by the current Dhulkan High Zektiv, a great mediator whose job is to avoid bloodshed between the clans. A highly populated world, Kowaad is home to approximately five billion local residents, 99 percent of whom are Dhulkans. Visitors will find that Kowaad is extremely oppressive and restrictive, with little or no personal freedom granted to the general public, aside from those at higher stations.

Kowaad is a small planet about 6400km in diameter. It has a trace atmosphere, although not enough to avoid the use of vacc suits when moving around on the surface. Less than 5% of the surface is covered in ice, mostly concentrated near the poles.

Kowaad has a good Class B starport, with shipyards capable of constructing new spaceships and overhauling existing vessels. Technology and infrastructure on Kowaad allow for gravitic vehicles and laser weaponry.

The Consortium maintains a scout base near the starport, a great place to gather rumors.