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Qarhis was a fledgling colony when the Federation collapsed, and it has struggled to rejoin the galactic community. Lack of a population center has made technological development slow, and for now its infrastructure can support no better than fission power and simple radio communications. Many settlements are even more primitive.

The world is controlled by a single government, a bloated, bureaucratic oligarchy that most believe has lost touch with the populace or perhaps don’t really care about them. In settlements of any respectable size, police reinforce a no-firearms rule. However, the planet’s geography allows for hundreds of tiny settlements that couldn’t care less if you have a rocket launcher as long as you don’t intend to use it against them.

Qarhis is a large world, with a gravity about 5 percent greater than Terran standard. It has a dense nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere which is breathable; however an abundance of allergens in the air affects 1 in 3 visitors with moderate respiratory symptoms, making planetary adaptation much more difficult

The surface of Qarhis is roughly 91% water, providing only a few small islands and archipelagos for its 50 million residents.

Qarhis has a routine Class C starport that sees a fair amount of traffic, as it sits on one of the primary trade arteries. It has limited shipyards capable of performing major repairs. the world trades heavily in biochemicals and petrochemicals. Machine parts, ores, tools and any other mid- to high-tech items are popular with the locals.