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Sangelis is a medium-sized planet about 8000km in diameter, with a thin nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere. Its surface is roughly 68% surface water, dividing the land into three large continents.

Somewhat ironically, Sangelis was initially founded by a group of human dissidents as a base from which to strike out against the Federation, and now its 3 billion or so residents (95% human) are governed by a heavily bureaucratic parliament. Visiting traders will find the maze of red tape somewhat daunting. Local laws prohibit the use of any personal firearms, though a permit allows the carry of a concealed blade.

The planet is known throughout the sector as a communications hub. If there’s something you want to know, you can find out here. Just not from the government.

Proximity to the Dhulkan Consortium means high traffic in visiting Dhulkan traders, merchants, and agents, who occasionally get into conflict with rival clans.

Sangelis has a good Class B starport, with shipyards capable of constructing new spaceships and overhauling existing vessels.