(°) part of the cult (*) can be trapped

There’s a faint call that seems to rise and fall in volume. Brains 5 to notice it’s coming from above. Players spy someone in a Tigger costume (Jim) being thrown from tree to tree by animated vines.

The easiest way to get him down is to climb into the Tarzan tree house. Once there, players can drive him toward the tree house by zapping the branches near him. Moves 12 to catch him as he swings by. If failed, Moves 10 to keep from falling out of the tree house. Meanwhile, vines will swat and grab at the players: Moves 6 to avoid. Zapping the trees will cause them to momentarily stop.


There’s a minor PKE reading from the shop. Inside is a ghost in a turban (Vendor Chris) behind the register. He’ll refer to the Ghostbusters as customers and will sell them the answer to a single question for 47 gold pieces. Gold pieces can be gotten from inside the Indiana Jones ride.


Heavy PKE readings from within the ride. From the line queue entrance, players hear the sounds of roaring animals.

Near the loading dock, players may discover (Brains 10) a nametag on the ground: Skipper Daryl. A boat is waiting for them at the dock, with a spectral skipper (Skipper Worm Meat). He welcomes the players aboard. He will take them straight to the headhunters and offer them up as sacrifices. If they decide to attack/trap him, they can pilot the boat themselves and surprise the headhunters, though they can easily get lost in the jungle without the map, which is hidden in Worm Meat’s hat.

The jungle is dense and overgrown, the air thick and muggy. Giant fireflies and mosquitos zip around, though they are illusions and do no harm.

Animals are broken up into areas: Hippos, Elephants, and Crocodiles. They will each try to overturn the boat. If this happens, it takes Moves 12-16 to keep electronic devices from getting soaked (depending on how many), and Strength 20 to right the boat.

If the players decide to head onto land, they may have to contend with Rhinos, Tigers, and Snakes.

To find the Headhunters village, the players have to travel into the waterfall.

Headhunter Village

4 Headhunters are dancing around a fire, over which Daryl is tied to a spit. The Three-Shrunken-Headed Spirit presides over this ritual.

If the players have been driven here by Worm Meat, he rams the boat into the island (Moves 12 to avoid being thrown onto the ground) and declares, “Fresh meat, boys!” at which time the Headhunters will become aware of the Ghostbusters.

The Headhunters throw spectral spears that phase through players. The hunters can be zapped and trapped, but they will simply flee if the Boss Spirit is defeated. His weaknesses are his heads: the right head controls his attacks, the middle his movements, and the left his shield.

Once he’s defeated, (*RUNE*) Frontierland is cleared. Once the players return to the other side of the waterfall, they find that the ride has returned to normal and the boat will take them back to the dock along its track.


There are faint PKE readings from inside the ride. If entered before the Jungle Cruise has been cleared, there is one ghostly opponent: Indiana Bones. He throws the players around with his whip. Other than being zapped and trapped, he can be scared off by making snake noises. (The players can get his whip.) If the Jungle Cruise is already cleared, the ride is empty (though Brains 13 can still find the whip). Gold pieces can be found in a treasure chest in the line queue.

Brownie Point Rewards:

Restore 1 trait point