Beyond the train station is utter darkness. If the players look at the park map, a new land will have appeared between Tomorrowland and Main Street: Darkland. It will disappear once the players leave.

Huddled in a corner beside the station steps is train engineer Barry (Brains 6 to notice). He is a gibbering wreck--he seen some shit.

If the players venture beyond the station, they won’t be able to see in front of them. They’ll only be able to see the station growing small behind them. Every few hundred feet, they have to roll Cool 10 to withstand feelings of growing terror. There are six random encounters they can have:

  1. Chris will be surprised to find them here. If he answers the players’ question, he will also (for free) tell them that there kind doesn’t belong in this place, then disappear. There are no gold pieces here.
  2. A strange white creature will be wondering about. It will turn and face the Ghostbusters and move toward them, fading from sight but still audibly approaching. Then it will vanish. Attacks go right through it.
  3. There will be a chemical smell and the sounds of muffled screams. One character will trip over a fallen metal sign that reads “Unit 731.”
  4. The remains of a crashed, vintage, small passenger plane are spread across the ground (Brains 13, 1930s; Brains 16, it’s Amelia Earhart’s plane). A journal is found beside it with the initials A.E.. Most of the pages are illegible due to water damage, but the last page simply says “Where am I?”
  5. Dirty hardhats are scattered about. A fallen sign reads “Pardon Our Pixie Dust,” with a picture of Mickey in a hardhat.
  6. Inexplicably, the players return to the train station.


From the station, players pass into the Grand Canyon and Primeval World Dioramas. Ambient music plays, but there are no animals. Toward the end of the diorama, a Rotting T-Rex Animatronic bursts through the glass and snaps at the Ghostbusters. It will squeeze into the passenger area of the train, bits and pieces falling off. It bites at the players and spews slime at them. Once the animatronic is destroyed, a ghost is revealed that can be trapped.

The train pulls into the Main Street Station.