There are 4 Saloon Girls standing outside the Golden Horseshoe who will attempt to seduce the players. If the Ghostbusters succumb, the Girls will embrace them and then vanish with them.

Gunshots, hollering, and piano music can be heard from within the Golden Horseshoe.

The captured Ghostbusters wake up bound, blindfolded, and gagged inside a Big Thunder Mountain train car, without their gear or clothes (which are behind the stage at the Golden Horseshoe).

It takes Moves 6 to get off their blindfolds and gags (separately), and Moves 13 to get out of their binds. Once their hands are freed, it takes Moves or Muscles 8 to get out from under the lap bar. They won’t wake up until it’s time for the mine car chase (unless it’s taking a really long time).


PKE meters pick up strong readings from the saloon. Inside, 3 Cowboy Ghosts sit at the tables, firing their guns at Piano Player Pablo, who is dancing on the stage in time to the music (the piano plays itself). Behind the bar is Bartender Chris. He’s willing to answer a question… for 47 gold pieces. Gold pieces can be found in miner’s pans in the ridges of Big Thunder Mountain.

The Gambler Spirit is at one of the tables, playing with his chips. He’ll call the Ghostbusters over. He’s willing to bet with them over a game of poker, such as for the release of Pablo, the return of the vanished Ghostbusters, and the return of the gear and clothes. In return, the Ghostbusters will have to bet things like their gear or even themselves. Any hand will require an opposed Brains roll. The player can get an upper hand by cheating, but if they are caught the player will disappear (like with the saloon girls). The Gambler is willing to leave our world peaceably if the Ghostbusters can trap all three of his Cowboys.

If attacked, the Gambler Spirit will disappear and his Cowboys will attack, and the offer to leave peacefully is off the table.

After one of the Cowboys is trapped or three rounds of combat (whichever comes first), the remaining Cowboys will flee the building. If the players chase them outside, they will be led to Big Thunder Mountain.


The Cowboys will lead the Ghostbusters to the loading dock and take off in a train (along with any captured Ghostbusters). Players will have to ride the next train to chase them. They’ll also hear a woman’s cries for help: Brains 6.

Once the players are on the ride, the track will split, with each train taking a separate track. The ride swirls and flips impossibly. The trains zoom in and out of the mountain; inside are demonic caverns; outside the tracks extend all over the park. Players have to roll Moves 10 to keep on their feet (they also make the same roll whenever shot by one of the Cowboys).

If they fail, they lose their balance for a turn (Very Little), become sick for two turns (Some), almost fall off and spend three turns climbing back to safety (Good Amount), or fall off (Lots). A Ghost die bumps the penalty up a level. Once combat is initiated, there’s a new crazy flip every four rounds.

If a player falls off the train, they roll a d6:

#Outside Mountain Inside Mountain
1land in another train; still in the fight ditto
2fall on a track directly below; minor bumps ditto
3fall on a rocky slope; 1 damage ditto
4fall directly in front of another train ditto
5reroll fall into tree; 2 damage
6reroll fall into Tomorrowland Lagoon; 2 damage

There is a hostage, Chelsea, tied to the train tracks. Brains 8 to hear her calling for help. There’s no right way to save her—favor the players’ imaginations. Here are some ideas:

The Cowboys will shoot at the Ghostbusters and occasionally throw dynamite at them. Once they are defeated, if the players have made the deal with the Gambler, the tracks return to normal and they are returned station. They’ll hear his voice calling, “Well, I guess a deal’s a deal. It’s been fun, boys. I’ll see you in Hell.” There’s a boom and a blast of air (*RUNE*), and then silence.

If the players have not made the deal with the Gambler, the train will dump them into a cave inside the Mountain. They’ll have to fight the Gambler, who floats about invisibly and hurls them into the rocky walls.

As the players return to the station, they pass overturned mine carts, miner’s pans, and an animatronic goat.

Once the Gambler Spirit is defeated (*RUNE*), Frontierland is cleared.

Brownie Point Rewards:

Restore 1 trait point