Galaxy's Edge


Civil War soldier Roman soldier Drowned Viking Hanged Witch
Black Plague Victim Burned Fire Fighter Samurai WWI Flying Ace
Prohibition Gangster Coal Miner Vietnam soldier Beheaded Frenchmen

A huge crowd of spectral Star Wars fanatics from centuries past have taken over the area and broken off into factions. Some are defenders of the prequels, some fight for the theatrical original trilogy over the special editions, some love Rian Johnson while others hate him… They are mostly interested only in fighting each other, using ghostly weapons of all different variety from bows and arrows to bazookas.

The first ghost the players encounter will wield a lightsaber. He demands to know which is the superior version of the original Star Wars. Whatever answer the players give is wrong. He attacks them, but his lightsaber is merely a toy. Other ghosts join the attack, also wielding toy lightsabers.

A large group of ghosts stand sentry around a large symbol on the ground near the Millennium Falcon. They claim that it is the great symbol that summoned them, and is undoubtedly the key to understanding the continuity of the entire Star Wars multiverse. They will attack the players should they try to come near it. The best way to get rid of the ghosts is to pit them against one another, using their fandom against them. How this is to be achieved is up to the players, though one possibility would be point at a ghost and claim that he likes Jar Jar Binks, in which case all the other ghosts will chase him off. Alternatively, they players could prove themselves true fans by answering three Star Wars trivia questions:

If the players themselves don’t know the answers, a Brains or Cool of 13 is required for each question. If the players pass the test, they are allowed to view the symbol. If not, they are chased out of Galaxy’s Edge by the ghosts.

The symbol is drawn in chalk. Brains 17 to recognize it, and Brains 10 to find it in the tome tablet. If a GB succeeds, they will learn that this symbol is used in a ritual to summon the Dark Cabal.

Brownie Point Rewards: