Ghost Creation

Physical: has the four human traits and possibly Power Ectoplasmic: has Power and Ectopresence (automatically has Flight ability, as Dematerialized)

Intelligent: has Brains and Cool Mindless: immune to Cool effects

Power: used to roll special abilities, and replaces Muscles and Moves for ectoplasmic ghosts. Ectopresence: when reduced to zero, the ghost can be trapped

Traits Table:

Toughness Power S. Abilities Ecto-P Brains/Cool
Pushover 1-21 (L)1-41-3
Day’s Work 3-42 (1G, 1L)5-84-6
Tough Nut 5-62 (G)9-127-9
Dangerous 7-93 (1G, 2L)13-1610-12
Demon Class 10-124+ (2G, 2L)17-2013-15
Superghost 13+Lots 21+16+

If a Physical, Intelligent ghost has no Power, bump it down a difficulty level.


Animate Greater
Control Mind Greater
Dematerialize Object Greater
Dimensional Transfer Greater
Growing Greater
Invisibility Greater
Make Illusion Greater
Read Mind Greater
Summon Pests Greater
Terrorize Greater
Dematerialize Self Lesser
Flight Lesser
Materialize Lesser
PKE Analysis Lesser
Possess Lesser
Shrinking Lesser
Slime Lesser
Teleport Lesser
Creature Feature Both
Frog n’ Prince Both
Murphy Both
Physical Immunity Both
Proton Immunity Both
Poltergeist Both