Human NPCs

Five disgruntled Disneyland employees decided to conjure up a cadre of evil spirits known as the Dark Cabal. They were each supposed to gain control of one of the beings. Unfortunately, this ritual also conjures the spirits of any other dead beings within the area of the casting. Little did the employees know that the cryogenically frozen head of Walt Disney is hidden beneath the Partners statue in the Main Street, U.S.A. hub. The spirits became bound to Walt, and have divvied up the park between themselves, tormenting the employees and attendants while Walt soaks up their ectoplasm.

There are twelve missing employees in the park:

Five of them - Daryl, Eric, Chelsea, Nadine, and Penelope - are the ones who conjured the Spirits. They copied the ritual out of some crumbling old book. Some are more reticent to talk than others. The innocent employees may know that their guilty compatriots were into “weird stuff.”

Here is the information that can be gleaned from the guilty employees, in whatever order they are found: