The ride emits strong waves of PKE. When nearing the ride, the clock strikes midnight and a parade of decapitated wooden children comes gliding out from the double doors beneath the clock, spurting blood from their necks onto the white façade.

A Cinderella performer, Theresa, is tied up in one of the boats and screaming for someone to turn off the song as she floats through the flume again and again.

Inside, the animatronic children sing “It’s a dead world after all” in their respective languages (Brains 8 to translate), the different races are shooting and bombing each other. They mostly ignore the Ghostbusters, though will bombard them if attacked (or if the GBs try to free Theresa). The players have to roll Cool 10 or suffer 1 temporary damage point from listening to the song. This is repeated every minute. If they fail three times, they will try to drown themselves to stop the song.

At one point, Brains 12 to notice the ghost of a child hanging from a noose in the ceiling. It sways back and forth, looks at the Ghostbusters and smiles before vanishing. Gold pieces can also be found in the India scene.

To shut down the children, the Ghostbusters must locate the main speaker in each section (Brains 14) and blast it. The music in the area will be turned off. Also, someone can go backstage and find a control room where they can turn off the music in the whole ride, but they will have to contend with the Hanging Child Ghost.

If the Ghostbusters try to rescue Theresa while on the outside of the ride, they will be attacked by the Clock Parade Children.

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