The players are all rubes at the newly opened Los Angeles branch of Ghostbusters International. Of all the applicants, they’re the ones that showed up… and passed a background check.

The Station Manager / Receptionist is Darlene, formerly of the Atlanta branch until that terrible accident. She’s got a southern dialect and has aspirations of being a famous singer. Station Managing for GBI is what she does until then, though she plays her guitar and writes songs when there’s nothing else to do, which is most of the time. She’s got her shit together.

The Station intern is Kyle, a young go-getter who is desperate to please and always afraid he’s doing the wrong thing. He thinks he wants to be a Ghostbuster someday, but getting coffee etc. seems like a safer way to test the waters.

As the Ghostbusters are settling into the station, they get a call from an anonymous agent who wants to know if they do consultations. He says he represents a large live-event organization. To learn more (and take the job), everyone at the station will have to sign an NDA.

This man is, in fact, the manager of Disneyland (Jacob Salisbury). According to him, there have been unusual disturbances at the Happiest Place on Earth, though he won’t elaborate until they meet in person for the onsite consultation. Once at Disneyland, the players find Salisbury in a state. The supernatural disturbances have suddenly multiplied to the point that park has had to be evacuated. Several cast members have been reported missing.

The Ghostbusters are charged with eliminating the supernatural entities, rescuing the employees, and for the love of God not damaging anything.

Missing Cast Members: