Main Street, USA



Main Street is lit up, though the stores are all dark. Footsteps are occasionally heard, along with indiscernible voices. Streetcars pass by led by the clip-clopping of unseen horses. Occasionally, a store will light up and activity will be heard from inside before it goes dark again.

Players are hit with strong aromas as they pass by shops: waffle near the creamery, bread near the bakery, mold near the café, and rotting meat near the candy shop.

Upon reaching the central hub, Brains 5 to hear a cry for help near the Adventureland Entrance.

Disneyland Railroad

A train stops at the station every five minutes with no passengers, engineer, or conductor. Riding it will take the players to the stations at New Orleans Square, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, and Darkland.

Between Main Street and New Orleans Square, the train passes behind dense jungle flora. A man is heard calling for help, and there is the beat of tribal drums. The train passes through a dark patch. When the light returns, Brains 8 to notice that there are one too many people on the train before going into darkness again. The train arrives at New Orleans Square station, with just the right amount of people.

Main Street Cinema

Plays old Mickey Mouse cartoons in which the characters are murdering each other.

Enchanted Tiki Room

When approaching the Adventureland entrance, players will discover a monstrous parrot mimicking the voice of a distressed woman: “Help! Can anybody hear me? They’re coming back! Please help!” A flock of 6 Monster Birds attack. They are each defeated with one proton blast and explode into bits of fiberglass and mechanical parts. Once they’ve all gone, a ghostly voice is heard tittering as it flies off.



Upon clearing all the lands, storm clouds will converge around the central hub at the end of Main Street. Returning there, the Ghostbusters will find smoke emitting from the flower bed surrounding the Partners statue. A diseased-looking sprite with torn, bat-like wings descends from the clouds and touches the flower bed with her wand. A square section of the flowers rises, revealing a cryo-pod out of which Walt Disney’s head (in a jar) comes stepping out on ghostly tendrils.

Walt proclaims that he has been resurrected, not by science as he had anticipated, but by magic… dark magic. It is time for him to build a new world, and destroy those who would stand in his way.

The jar then climbs up the statue. The tendrils tear off the bronze head and replace it with the reanimated Walt’s. The statue will grow to giant size and try to leave the park, stomping down Main Street, though stopping to fight if attacked.

At the same time, Mickey will also come to life, growing into a monstrous rat creature that will attack the Ghostbusters while Disney tries to escape.

Walt’s only vulnerable point is his head, though it’s a difficult shot (one additional difficulty level). It becomes easier if the Ghostbusters climb on top of the surrounding buildings. He can deflect blasts with his giant bronze hands.

Disney is very protective of his park. Any damage done to it will incur his wrath. This is a good way to stop him from leaving, and can even be used to lead him around.

Once Walt is defeated, the jar shatters and the heads melts, releasing a green blast of ecto-plasm into the clouds above. Ghosts rise from various lands like venom being sucked from a wound, trailing around a beam of light until they’ve all vanished into the heavens. The clouds part and Disneyland is cleared.

Brownie Point Rewards:

Restore 1 trait point

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