Mickey's Toon Town


Traveling under the Toon Town sign, the players discover a black and white world. The colored paint has seeped off the buildings and backgrounds and collected in a pool of swirling colors that rises ankle deep. Some of the buildings are merely ink outlines, others pencil sketches. They occasionally “collapse” into wisps of led shavings.

A few random objects still have color to them. One is a public mailbox from inside which something is tapping. Another is a home mailbox, the flag of which is up (the flag is red, the rest of the object is black and white). Another is a vending machine filled with candy bars labeled, “Answers,” “Explanations,” “Exposition,” “Resolution,” and the like. The point of each of these objects is to lure players into sticking their hands into them. Once this happens, the player’s hand will become stuck. At this time, Goofy will appear, offering to help get them get unstuck. He produces from his pocket a huge Swiss Army chainsaw and moves to sever the GB’s arm. The player’s arm will be released with a Muscles 11.

Once Goofy is defeated, he explodes into a mass of colored paints. Where Goofy’s paint touches the flood of paint on the floor, the colors swirl and Paint Creatures arise--humanoid figures comprised of colored paint. They attack the characters, spraying paint at them. They are easily defeated, bursting into liquid, but more of them quickly rise.

Brains 6 to notice a huge drain stopper that has appeared in the road. Muscles 8 to get it unstuck. Once the drain is open, the paint swirls into a vortex, carrying both the Paint Creatures and the Ghostbusters into the drain. The Ghostbusters are deposited back in one of the main lands based on a d6 roll (1-Main Street, 2-Adventureland, 3-New Orleans Square, 4-Frontierland, 5-Fantasyland, 6-Tomorrowland).

Brownie Point Rewards: 2