New Orleans Square



(°) part of the cult (*) can be trapped

All is quiet at first. As the players turn onto Royal Street, they’ll suddenly hear loud music. A ghostly jazz funeral procession comes down the street and turns right, towards a building. The ghosts disappear into the face of the building while all their instruments and the casket they’re carrying fall to the ground (Brains 8 to notice that they actually traveled into the Club 33 door). Inside the casket is Churro Vendor Jessica.

Traveling along Esplanade Road, they will encounter an animated Churro Cart, Popcorn Cart, and Pretzel Cart that try to run the players down or throw food at them.

The water from Rivers of America seems thick, like sludge or swamp water. It occasionally ripples and undulates as though something were moving just beneath the surface.


From this station, the train passes the Haunted Mansion and into Splash Mountain, which is spread thick with black tar. Anthropomorphic animals are caught in thick webs of the stuff, crying for help. The tar oozes from the roof of the train, obscuring the players’ view. Once they blast it away with their proton packs, they pull up to the Fantasyland Station.


Mild PKE signals emanate from inside the Club. If the players knock on the door thirty-three times, the door will open. Inside is a staircase next to a cage elevator. The elevator is lowering just as they enter. A headless man in a tux is riding. The elevator goes through the floor. Fire erupts from below, and screams are heard.

If the players head up the stairs, they’ll find a ghostly Maitre D’ (Chris). He says that they’re not accepting new reservations, but he’s willing to answer a question they have (for 47 gold pieces…). Gold pieces can be found in Pirates of the Caribbean.



In the foyer, players will find a reservation book. All names will be crossed out save the last: “Ghostbusters, Party of [#].” Inside the restaurant proper, one table is marked with an RSVP sign. There are enough chairs for each player, and each place setting has a small card with a Ghostbuster’s name on it. Once the characters sit, they’ll hear a commotion in the kitchen. Eventually, a food trolley will roll to their table and stop. Once opened, the French Chef Ghost will appear. This encounter is bypassed if the Ghostbusters never sit at the table.

If the players search the employee area beyond the kitchen, they can discover (Brains 10) a door that leads to the Pirates of the Caribbean backstage area.


The entrance to the Haunted Mansion is locked, with a sign on the door that reads: “We’re not with the others. --H.M. Ghosts”

Brownie Point Rewards:

Restore 1 trait point