(°) part of the cult (*) can be trapped

Heavy PKE signals emanate from within the ride. The ride can be accessed either through the main entrance or the Blue Bayou Restaurant. Boats are only accessible from the main entrance.

If players enter from the queue, the pirate murals on the walls subtly move, making faces at the players and such. A single boat will be waiting at the loading dock. It will depart once all players are seated.

The ride is normal until they reach the pirate skull, whose voice becomes distorted and whose script changes: “Psst. Avast, there. It be too late to alter course, mateys, and there be plundering pirates lurking in every cove, waitin’ to board. Sit closer together, and keep yer ruddy hands 1inboard. That be the easiest way for us to get ye. We’ll drag ye down to the depths, and you’ll wear a smile the whole time—the smile we cut into your throats, heh heh heh heh.”

The flume drop is extremely steep and long, with voices screaming all around the boat. Mournful faces appear in the spray.

Once the boat splashes down, the characters will pass through the static Grotto scenes (here is where they can find gold pieces). They can remain in the boat or disembark at their leisure.


Eric is tied up on the plank of the Wicked Wench.

Oars will appear in the boat, allowing the players to steer. If they pilot toward the ship without being detected (Moves 9), they can climb up the ladder along the side of the vessel.

If spotted, the players have to zap the cannons or else their boat will be sunk, forcing them to swim to safety (Moves 10-14 to keep electronics out of the water while floating, depending on how many). Shark fins will swim by the players, but they’re just illusions.

On the pirate ship, players are attacked by Pirate Animatronics (6 Mates and the Captain Spirit), who wield swords and wear pirate hats. Players can blast them with their proton packs or fight them with swords. Each animatronic is controlled by a separate ghost, and falls to pieces when defeated. After five rounds of combat or losing three pirates (whichever comes first), the remaining Pirates and the Captain will combine into an Amalgam Pirate Animatronic, which has the combined strength of all the animatronics plus 1 each.


The village fortress is accessible from the walking paths, by swimming, or by boat (Moves 9 to keep from being noticed). Ghostbusters can fire the three fortress cannons at the Animatronics Ship (Moves 10). After 3 cannonball hits, the Pirates will abandon ship and Eric will fall into the water. Someone needs to go rescue Eric. The Animatronics will swim to shore (3 rounds) and then fight the players. They are vulnerable to being zapped while in the water. Once they’re on shore or down to the Captain and two Mates (whichever comes second), they will combine into the Amalgam Pirate Animatronic.

Once the Captain Spirit is defeated (*RUNE*), New Orleans Square is cleared. The players exit to the Blue Bayou Restaurant via a staircase located backstage behind the village set.

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