Once inside the castle, the PKE readings are off the charts, and it requires Brains 20 to make the meter function.

The inside of the castle is dead quiet, walls lit by flickering sconces. Thick tangles of thorn branches seep in through the windows. If a player is ever knocked into one, or is dumb enough to touch a thorn, they have to make a Muscles 12 roll or else fall asleep. They can only be awakened with a kiss of true love (Cool 12 to method-act that kind of love). The spell is broken once the Princess Spirit is defeated.

The players pass through halls of mirrors. Their reflections in said mirrors are hideous and rotten. Blasting the mirrors will cause the enchantment on them to be broken, and they will reflect normally (a second blast will shatter them). The players will occasionally hear bumps, footsteps, and evil laughter, though the perpetrator seems to slip into the shadows just as they turn to look (this is an illusion).

Early in their investigation of the castle, they will encounter a Goblin Guard ghost. When defeated, he drops a key, which is needed to open the door to the high tower.

At the top of the high tower is a Guest Services employee, Nadine, asleep on a bed with her hands on her chest. She will only awaken if kissed, at which time her lips will inflate and wrap around the Ghostbuster’s head. Moves 13 to escape, else the player is swallowed.

The false Nadine (Princess Spirit) grows huge and grotesque, moaning, “I’m a pretty, pretty princess,” and “Kiss me, my prince!” She will chase the Ghostbusters back down the tower (oozing down the steps like a jelly fish).

If she passes an enchanted mirror, the Spirit will appear as a beautiful princess in the reflection. If she passes a disenchanted mirror, she will be reflected as she truly appears. If this is pointed out to her, she will wail in anguish and shrink from the mirror. She will cease attacking for a moment, and will suffer 5 damage before destroying the mirror. Once she’s defeated (*RUNE*), the real Nadine (along with any swallowed Ghostbusters) fall onto the floor, and Fantasyland is cleared.

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