PKE readings are strongest here. To get inside the cave (other than swimming), the players must enter a submarine and one player must launch it from the control dock (Brains 10). The submarine never actually dives underwater, but rather the portholes are beneath the water surface. Closing the hatch is optional.

The players won’t be able to see through the portholes at first unless they use flashlights, in which case they will see corals and seaweed and… wait, was that a face?


Things change once they pass through the waterfall. Water will pour momentarily into the hatch if it isn’t closed, followed by scuttling, bioluminescent sea spiders. Cool 8 to keep from getting creeped out by the critters. They are, however, illusions. A Brains 9 roll will bring to any player’s mind that firing the proton packs in the submarine will probably cause a hull breach.

Outside the portholes, flashlights will reveal monstrous mermaids and freakish deep-sea creatures guarding sunken treasure (gold pieces). Over time, starfish will begin to cover the portholes until the players are blind to anything happening outside. Then, the submarine will shudder and stop. Something wallops on the vessel from the outside and the walls dent inwards. The portholes crack and water rushes in.

If the players climb out of the submarine, they will find the ceiling of the cave five feet overhead (Brains 10 to hear a woman’s voice coming from above the ceiling). They will also pass openings to backstage areas, which they can jump to with Moves 5. Once the submarine is stopped, however, they will be stuck some distance from one, and have to roll Moves 8 to make the jump or else fall in the water (Moves 14-18 to save electronics). There will also be black tentacles trying to pull them into the water. These can be driven off with light (or proton blasts).


Once backstage, the Ghostbusters will find diving gear, flashlights, and (Brains 10) a control panel for the lights (Brains 6 to operate). The normal lights for the backstage area are broken, but emergency lights can be operated with the control panel. The panel will also show which underwater areas are lit up at any given point (there are five). Only four can be activated at once. A blinking light will indicate that power failure is preventing all five to turn on.

Giant black tentacles will occasionally slither out of the water and attack the Ghostbusters.

If the Ghostbusters climb up into the ceiling area (Moves 8-12, depending on how they do it), they will discover the hollow insides of the upper cave structure. Ride operator Penelope will be suspended from above by seaweed. Up to five giant tentacles will punch through the floor and attack the players if they make too much noise.

The Marine Spirit is very sensitive to light. Any area of the creature exposed to light withdraws in pain, and becomes physically weaker. If anyone decides to use the diving equipment (Brains 10), they can search for the Marine Spirit’s head underwater.


Underwater, the Ghostbusters will come across hideous deep sea creatures, but these are just illusions. The tentacles are the real threat. They will shrink from flashlights, and withdraw entirely if the underwater lights are activated.

Proton packs do not fire underwater, but if the players can devise a way to attack the head, it’s weaker than the tentacles, even more-so if exposed to light. If all the underwater lights are on long enough, the creature will shrink enough to climb into the ceiling area, where its head will be its weak spot.

Once the Marine Spirit is defeated (*RUNE*), the area is cleared.

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