Session 1

The Ghostbusters accepted the job to exorcise Disneyland. They drove the Ecto-Mobile down Main Street, crashing a bit along the way, then parked at the Tomorrowland entrance. They rescued employee Marty McAllister from the Custodian, though in the process Patty Cakes get launched into Frontierland.

Entering the Golden Horseshoe, Patty Cakes entered into a card game with the Gambler, trying to learn what was going on and possibly get him to leave Disneyland.

While searching for Patty Cakes, the others rescued Jim Sanders from the tree vines in Adventureland. Sanders joined the group as Jimmy Firecrackers personal documentarian. They then encountered Chris in the Adventureland Bazaar, and learned that Patty Cakes was in Frontierland.

Approaching the Golden Horseshoe, one or more characters was whisked away by one of the Saloon Girls and deposited naked on a Big Thunder Mountain train. During continued play with the Gambler, another was also spirited away--Davey Boy and Abraham Lincoln were now on the ride. The Gambler offered to leave the park if the Ghostbusters could defeat his cowboy minions. This led to a chase to Big Thunder Mountain.

A mighty battle began on a moving train, with Dick Hardy being left on the loading dock. During the fight, Chelsea Acosta was spotted tied to the train tracks. Davey boy leapt off the train and rescued her, then dropped into a new train at the loading dock, where he, Dick Hardy, and the terrified Chelsea went off in pursuit of the others.