Session 2

Continuing the Big Thunder Mountain battle, Patty Cakes made his way to the loading platform and used the control panel to stop the trains. The cowboys were defeated, and the Gambler honored his bargain to leave the park. Frontierland was cleared of ghosts. The group then spoke with Chris in the Golden Horseshoe and received an answer to a new question.

After finding new clothes for Davey Boy and Abraham Lincoln, the group returned to the Ecto-Mobile, encountering and defeating the Tiki Room birds along the way. They also “remembered” a runic symbol they say when the Gambler was defeated. Researching it, they discovered that the Gambler was a spirit named Souvor, the Bargain Maker, a member of the Dark Cabal.

The Ghostbusters drove the Ecto-Mobile to New Orleans Square. There, they witnessed a jazz funeral procession disappear into Club 33, leaving a casket behind. Inside was Jessica Chapman, who informed the others about another employee in the area (Eric Daniels) before leaving the park.

Entering Club 33, the party met Chris once again. Jimmy Firecracker sent Jim Sanders to go retrieve some gold pieces from Pirates of the Caribbean. When he did not return, the Ghostbusters, in a moment of true brilliance, decided to split up the group, Lincoln and Hardy remaining behind while the others went in search of Sanders.

Riding Pirates of the Caribbean, Jimmy, Patty, and Davey retrieved the necessary gold pieces, then found Sanders and Daniels captive on the Wicked Wench pirate ship. Their boat was sunk and Jimmy’s proton pack malfunctioned from water damage. The party climbed the pirate ship and began a melee with the skinless animatronic pirates and their captain.