Session 3

Continuing the fight with the animatronic pirates, Patty Cakes rigged the defective proton pack to explode, destroying the animatronics and accidently sending Eric Daniels flying through the wall (never to be heard from again?). The separate parts of the animatronics recombined into an amalgam creature, which the Ghostbusters were able to defeat right before Dick and Abraham came floating along in a boat to lend a hand.

As the group traded out weapons at the Ecto-Mobile, Dick and Patty perfected the Proton Vaporizer(?). Jimmy Firecracker claimed the weapon, giving the spare proton pack to Jim Sanders and making him a Ghostbuster, though Sanders was still expected to document events.

After asking a question of Chris, the gang headed to the Jungle Cruise in search of the missing Daryl Peterson. They discovered a ghostly skipper named Worm Meat waiting for them in a Jungle Cruise boat. He steered them through the dense supernatural jungle, where they battled hippos, elephants and crocodiles.

Passing through a waterfall, the boat came upon a large jungle cave where Daryl Peterson was strung up over a fire, surrounded by headhunters. The treacherous Skipper Worm Meat rammed the boat into the island and called out, “Fresh meat, boys!”

The Ghostbusters entered into combat with the headhunters and their three-shrunken-headed leader. Abraham Lincoln managed to rescue Daryl from the fire, but then proceeded to have his head shrunk! Could this be it for our heroes?