Session 4

The epic battle with the three-headed villain Gongo raged on. The Ghostbusters made short work of the headhunter henchmen, and proceeded to destroy Gongo’s heads one after the other in a display of glorious violence and much flexing on the part of Abraham Lincoln (whose head returned to normal). This accomplished, they returned to the Jungle Cruise loading dock, where they left a confused Daryl Peterson behind.

Sanders led the group to a backstage area where they found a map of the other such areas throughout the park, and engaged in a short melee with some headless costumes. Hacking the security system with aplomb, Patty Cakes was able to bring up the live feed from the security cameras throughout the park, seeing where the ghosts were currently active. Jimmy Firecracker then downloaded footage of the harrowing Pirates of the Caribbean battle to upload to the cloud.

As Jimmy wanted to find more cellphones, the group trekked to the Main Street Lost and Found, where they found a whopping one phone, as well as a sweet jacket claimed by Abraham and some snacks claimed by Dick Hardy.

From there, the group ventured to Tomorrowland, where Davey Boy became temporarily incapacitated by the sight of the swirling celestial bodies in the heavens above. The crew encountered Chris as the Galactic Grill, and Jimmy had the idea to smash the C-3PO robot from Star Tours to use as gold pieces to pay. Chris informed them that the the evil overlord of Tomorrowland, Thog-Woth, was held up in the Submarine Voyage, and that was weak against light. The crew gathered lightsabers and other light-making souvenirs from the Star Trader gift shop and boarded a submarine, leaving Sanders behind with Jimmy’s new cell phone.

Abraham rode atop the submarine as they drove beneath the waterfall into the ride enclosure. He discovered the entrance to a backstage area, while below something began to attack the submarine from the outside. Eventually, the characters made their way off the sub and into the backstage area, losing most of their lightsabers in the process. Patty Cakes managed to activate several lights, which seemed to have a negative effect on the tentacle creature hiding in the water.

Following the sound of a woman’s voice, the group burrowed into the hollow interior of the false cavern above the backstage area. There, an angry and frightened employee was found dangling from seaweed from the ceiling. As they got her down, a horrible, amorphous aquatic creature pounded its way into the hollow cavern with the others. Surely, violence is about to ensue…