Session 5

The Ghostbusters faced off against Thog-woth, the Deep One, assailing him with mighty blows as it tried to ensnare them with its tentacles. They eventually reduced him to a pasty goo which disappeared, leaving the image of an arcane rune in the air for a brief moment. Using his arcane knowledge, Davey Boy recalled that this creature was part of a cabal of demons that people summoned in search of power.

The Ghostbusters had mixed results trying to calm the rescued employee, Penelope Andrews. Abraham tried at one point threw her over his shoulder and ran around the room screaming, “There’s still danger!” No one knows why.

Penelope expressed concern that Jimmy Firecracker was going to be posting park security footage to the internet, and eventually confessed that she and some other employees had performed a ritual in Galaxy’s Edge to summon the cabal of spirits. Why it resulted in this ghostly infestation in the park, she has no idea, except that they had been warned not to perform the ritual in a graveyard. Davey Boy was enraged by her careless dabbling into the dark arts, having lost his cousin in the ghostly assault of New York in 1989.

Penelope and Jim Sanders headed back to the security office in New Orleans square to remove the footage of the ritual from the hard drives. Meanwhile, the crew followed the sound of screams to Autopia, where they found dozens of ghosts driving recklessly on the tracks. Davey Boy vented some of his rage on the spectral motorists, then the gang headed to a the lost and found (where they found nothing interesting) and the nearby candy shop, where they found some “gold coin” candies.

Next on their agenda was Fantasyland, where the group thought they might find an employee named Nadine who performed the ritual with Penelope and the others. Sleeping Beauty’s castle was enveloped by thick thorn bushes which choked the entryway. Davey Boy tried to plow through the barrier with the Ecto-Mobile, to no effect. Abraham Lincoln decided to scale the front of the castle, and against all odds he managed to maneuver around the thorns climb the sheer wall. Following his lead, the rest of the gang also managed the miraculous feet, reaching the top and safely making it to the ground on the other side.

Fantasyland was filled with Small World children, who wept as they rode the various attractions—a sight which particularly upset Abraham Lincoln. The Ghostbusters met up with balloon vendor Chris, who told them the remaining cabal spirit was here in Fantasyland, and that the “her vanity is her weakness.” Dick Hardy, Patty Cakes, and Jimmy Firecracker chose to grab mirrors from one of the restrooms.

Following the sound of a woman’s screams toward It’s A Small World, the group was besieged by several of the animatronic children, who cried out “Die!” in their native tongues as they attacked. Several were quickly dispatched, and Patty Cakes frightened the others off with his mighty crushing of a soda can.

Reaching It’s a Small World, the GBs saw a woman in a Cinderella costume tied in one of the boats. She was screaming, “Turn it off!” as she was carried into the show building. The Small World Clock struck midnight, and the clock parade children came gliding out of their hidden compartment, headless, squirting blood from their stumps onto the ride building.

The Ghostbusters entered one of the ride boats and entered the attraction. Inside, the various children were engaged in a miniature world war, the different races brutally assaulting one another. They sang, “It’s a Dead World After All” in their respective languages, and the repetition of the song began to drive our heroes mad. They tried to shoot out the various speakers from which the song was played. As each was destroyed, the surrounding children became inert. But eventually both Abraham and Davey were driven to suicide by the song, and tried to drown themselves in the water. Once the nearby speaker was destroyed, they returned to their senses.

Once outside the ride building again, the group managed to rescue the Cinderella performer, named Theresa, while fending off two of the clock parade children. Keeping with tradition, Jimmy Firecracker enquired after her phone, and began to escort her to the nearby backstage area.