(°) part of the cult
(*) can be trapped

There’s a flare of the dystopian in Tomorrowland. It’s uncharacteristically grimy and dingy. The various neon lights sporadically flicker on, only to vomit sparks and sizzle out again. The stars shift subtly in the heavens above like those in an observatory, an unnerving effect that will cause a temporary -1 to Brains if a Cool 8 is not made.

The trash bins in Tomorrowland are all controlled by the ghost Custodian. If Ghostbusters come near them, the bins will try to swallow them whole, then scurry off on metallic insect legs. There is also a trash bin scuttling about containing an actual custodian, Marty. Marty’s cries for help can be heard from within (Brains 9), though if players follow the bin they’ll be led to the ghost Custodian.

The Custodian can be heard whistling throughout the land, and once two of his trash bins are destroyed he will come after the players. He can also be found by following trash bins with characters trapped inside them, as they dance around their master. The Custodian brandishes a broom and a lobby dustpan that he will try to trap the Ghostbusters inside.


As the train chugs along, everything becomes darker and darker. The Ghostbusters feel a cold wind against their faces. If they fail a Cool 10 roll, they are plagued by feelings of fear and sadness.

The train pulls into the Darkland Station.


In one of the windows of the Galactic Grill is Server Chris. The only thing on the menu today is the answer to one question, which can be purchased for 47 gold pieces (which can be found in the Submarine Voyage).


Brownie Point Rewards:

Ghosts Captured: 1 per Rescued Hostages: 1 per Getting an Answer from Chris: 2 Defeating the Marine Spirit: 5 Using the Marine Spirit’s Weakness: 3

Restore 1 trait point