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House Rules

Cleric Domains (special rules or spells)

A cleric whose deity grants a Domain Spell Bonus may memorize additional spells from the specified domain spell list. The cleric may prepare a number of bonus spell levels equal to the level of the highest he is able to cast. Some examples, a 2nd level cleric can prepare 1 bonus first level spell from his domain spell list. A 5th level cleric can prepare up to 3 bonus spell levels; the cleric could choose to prepare 3 first level spells, 1 first level and 1 second level, or 1 third level spell. Note that domain spell lists are limited and may not include spells of all levels.

Spell Domains

Cure Spell Bonus

A cleric whose deity grants the Cure Spell Bonus may substitute exchange a cure spell for any spell that he had prepared that day. This decision can be made at any time. However, the spell substituted must be of the same level as the cure spell. For example, a cleric that had memorized a Light spell could decide later to cast a Cure Light Wounds instead of casting a Light spell because both are first level spells. He could not make the same substition using a Hold Person because Hold Person is a second level spell. The cure spells are Cure Light Wounds, Cure Blindness, Cure Disease, Cure Serious Wounds, and Cure Critical Wounds.

Weapon Proficiency

Clerics may choose their deity’s preferred weapon as a weapon proficiency.

Reversed Spells

Only clerics of an evil deity may cast the reversed forms of divine spells, and those must cast the reverse.

Diety’s rules and domains

Scroll Rules

We introduced a new mechanic to replace wand charges (or any magic item/tech-weapon charges). Items get a die type; roll before each use; roll a 1 and the item is depleted after that final use. Wands/ rods/staves may not then be recharged. Tech items can since the die is assigned to the “power cell” or “ammo clip” not the actual device. Ish got a new spell to replace recharge wand. The party’s wands and their conversions are