Log Dec 11th, 2009


Traveled by ship down to the Isle of the Blest from Zothay.

Along the way encountered:

Stopped in at the Raging Mane Inn


Sailed to the eastern side of the Isle of the Blest to investigate the treasure map.

Found an ancient well leading down which eventually led to a labyrinth infested by giant rats and venomous spitting cobras. Searching very carefully (and getting attacked almost constantly by rats and the occasional snake) they eventually fought a really big rat (almost the width of the tunnel). On it they found a valuable necklace. They eventually also found what appeared to be the rats nest, killed the few rats there and looted their stuff.

Deciding that that wasn’t enough for a night, they kept searching the winding labyrinth and luck eventually caught up to them as Theify Theif II was bitten and died from poison. The rest of the adventurers decided that was enough and returned to their ship.


Theify Theif II - snake bite