Log Feb 5th, 2010


After deciding that they could deal with the venomous snakes with sleep or druid spells, the adventures go back into the labyrinth. They fought some rats and eventually came upon another snake, unfortunately, the sleep didn’t work. They did, however, manager to get a puddle of buring oil between them and it. They peppered it with magic/missiles killing it. After that, the followed the bloody marks of a dead former adventure to a mysterious blue lit room and found an entrance to an ancient temple.

Exploring the temple facility, they encountered skeletons and some sort of ghosts (though they only weakened, they did not drain life or years). They found a lot of silver, and a strange magic book. They left some doors unexplored rather than risk the dreaded DM fatigue death.

On the way to Rallu to find a sage, they were confronted by a ship from Rallu demanding money in order to sail the waters of Rallu. Not wanting to give up their hard earned loot, the adventures attacked (most were invisible). After a short fight the captain died and his lieutenant surrendered. Captain Charisma ordered the death of all marines and officers, but then, showing mercy, changed his mind and instead marooned them (along with all other remaining crew) on LANDSHARK! Island. They took the ship to the Raging Mane Inn and sold it to the owner of the Inn.


none - I must be getting soft.

Added notes:

- One of the unexplored rooms in the temple included a magical, silver door. The silver is consistent with other decorations and symbols found in the temple area; however, the party was close to exhaustion and in no shape to face something that might be barred by the special properties of silver. So we turned back.

- The prominent symbol of the temple is the crescent moon. Frescoes depict robed people (humans? worshippers?) bathing in the ocean under a crescent moon.

- Need detail of shared dream. I don’t think we ever resolved that with what we found in the temple.