Log Jan 29th, 2009




Off-session to re-plan after fleeing the Realm of the Slime God. The various PC’s trained and made use of their new wealth while in Zothay to the following effects:

Doogle hired a scouting party to check on the Slaver’s Stockade. The reports were that the place had been taken over by Ogres accompanied by no-less than three Hill Giants. The back entrance tunneling into the stockade from a mile or so distance still looked unguarded. Ishkreshalda attempted to use clairvoyance to survey the secret chambers of Markessa but his magic was “jammed” and learned nothing more.

A similar, magical survey of Fort Krake revealed nothing out of the ordinary at the pass entrance, but the underground river entrance had been barricaded by an iron grate. Also, the shrine that contained the Slime God looked like it had been gutted. All marble, tapestries, etc. having been removed from the room.

We introduced a new mechanic to replace wand charges (or any magic item/tech-weapon charges). Items get a die type; roll before each use; roll a 1 and the item is depleted after that final use. Wands/ rods/staves may not then be recharged. Tech items can since the die is assigned to the “power cell” or “ammo clip” not the actual device. Ish got a new spell to replace recharge wand. The party’s wands and their conversions are

Some PC’s created scrolls. Cost is 100gp + 1 week per spell level. Not sure, but Dardan may have created a raise dead scroll which means 7+ weeks down time in Zothay have elapsed. With travel, figure the party fled the dungeon beneath BBP 2 months past at the start of the session.

Cerrac inquired about the existence of clone and was informed to seek the tomb of Rubba Dubba-hotep. Mummification is apparantly a mere shadow of the lost art of cloning.

Doogle commissioned the manufacture of a composite short bow with a very strong draw. Usable only by 18/51 or better strength hits with +3 damage. Cost was 3500gp.

Next Dardan made use of his new abilities and cast commune to learn more about the Black Baron.

Next, the crew travelled to Bellystone Ford, and Ish poly-scouted Fort Krake. He had a few minutes of panic as his spells were dis-spelled in a room with 4 ugly-ass statues on his way to the throne room. He managed to kidnap a drunk, off-duty soldier before teleporting back to Bellystone. The charmed-interrogated drunk drew a crude map of part of the floor level of Fort Krake showing the location of the prisoners (and probably Fesk-anin), a forge (with a chimney), and the officer’s quarters.

Ishkreshalda returned, this time descending the chimney to the forge. However, he got lost as there seem to be two forges and areas in the Fort that are mirror images of one another. - The “wrong” one had strange looking blacksmiths: identical twins? and a room across the hall was filled with finely crafted painted metal boxes (i.e., the craftmanship was unknown to Ish) - Back to the “right” forge, Ish found his way to the prison and liberated Fesk-anin.

From Fesk-anin, the party learned:

- The Black-baron is named Dhazi Kathari. He is at least 8000 years old and is said to be of the ancient/extinct Orichalan race. - He didn’t want the idol, but rather the glowing hunk of metal it contained. - He uses this glowstone to power a gate between worlds and has passed through this gate to other places. - He has other stocks of glowstone but needs more to fully power his device to gate-in a race of creatures from beyond. - Fesk-anin has seen the gate and while being led blind-folded he recalls walking past a very warm area just before entering the room containing the gate. [The players are guessing Ishkreshalda was near that location in the “wrong” forge.]

That was about it for the session. No loot if you don’t count Fesk- anin and a drunk soldier. But I think the group learned a lot more about the Black Baron.