Log Nov 28th, 2009

First Adventure as Crew of the Enterprise


Captain Charisma and crew (Theify Theif - and new henchman Muaz, Aeris, Norrian, and Chi Chi) sail the seven seas in search of adventure.

They accept a letter of marque from the tyrant of Zothay to attack ships of the pirate brotherhood and ships of the Tarantine Merchants Association. They also accept terms from the Tarantine Merchants association and the pirate brotherhood to work under the Seahawk.

Thiefy Thief acquires a very powerful henchan of the archane arts who can tap the elemental powers to affect fires and shock people.

After being given a tip (and some disguise work by Norian) they intercept a merchant ship headed for Tarantis. They take his cargo of spices and let the poor merchant go on his way. The cargo is delivered to the fence in Zothay who gives them their cut of the gold. They keep Kritis in the loop by giving him his cut as well (though it wasn’t techinally part of their letter of marque).

After they get back, they decide to explore islands to see what they can find. They land on Marcanfar Isle and find a pristine island with old ruins. Norian attempts to assasinate a boar but fails. The others quickly turn it into steaks. They find a secret passage leading down under the ruins.

Under the ruins, all they find is death. While the group hacks up some shriekers Norian and Capt. Charisma are attacked by huge spiders and fall to their poison. Capt. Charisma is raised back at Zothay but Norian’s spirit already departed for the undying lands and couldn’t be brought back.

Capt. Charisma’s version

Capt. Charisma recalls the adventure while recovering* from his “mostly dead” experience:

“Soon after sun up the Enterprise was beating a head-wind to ‘round a point of a little known island when Salty Pete spied a ship on the horizon. Salty suggested we hail the ship to trade news, double-check our bearings, and see if anyone on board had any messages for us. Following up on this reasonable suggestion, we turned the Enterprise on a course to come along side the merchantman… when all of a sudden… they fired on us! We lost two good men in that first treacherous volley. Well, that’s all it took before the crew of the Enterprise took battle stations and promptly trounced the aggressor vessel and their nefarious crew. Once the battle was over, I could see that the captain of the ship was a meek fellow and had probably succumbed to the ill-counsel of a greed-stricken faction amongst his crew (now deceased no doubt). Taking pity on the poor salt, I passed along some gold to cover the salary for his surviving crew and let him keep his vessel.

Unfortunately, we had to confiscate his cargo because we had good information that it was bound for Tarantis where it would be used in the production of WMDs [Wyvern-Mines of Death]. Clearly, this cargo was a threat to the freedom and lifestyle of Zothay’s blessed citizens.

However, our travails resulted in the gain of all the owners of the Enterprise: her shareholders will receive a dividend of 6 gp + 10 sp for each share owned in the SS Enterprise.”

When asked about the spider that incapacitated the Captain, he refused to speak of it. Although one could see that he manfully held back a tear for comrades lost.