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Editing Isle of the Blest (General)


This section is for keeping track of general information surrounding the Isle of the Blest and the adventures of the crew of the Enterprise.

Map: {{Isle Of the Blest|text}}

Rumors/Interesting information

    • There is something underneath the Raging Mane Inn.
      • we saw a barbarian ghost rush through the tavern and into a large door
      • from that same door, we heard pounding and scratching and everyone stopped what they were doing an watched the door.
    • High Priestess of Athena at <Town - forget name> told of the “Spear of Athena” that was taken some time ago and she believes is in the Red Serpant Jungle to the west. She’d like it back.
    • Heard rumors in <Town - forget name> that there is an old ruined keep to the east that is haunted.
    • There are two “pirate brotherhoods” (both use that name)
      • the “Azurean Pirates” (of which you sort of belong) are led by the Seahawk and work with the Tarantine Merchants Association (allegedly)
      • the “Pirate Brotherhood” is another loose band of pirates led by a “Pirate King” who operates from an area near the City State of the Invincible Overlord - they are the larger of the two. At least one town you sailed by is rumored to be run by them.
    • The Tarantine Merchants Association is a group of merchants from the city state of Tarantis (east of Zothay) which try to control all trade into, out of, and near Tarantis.
      • Any ship not registered with the association for “protection” seems to have trouble with pirates.
      • They have an office in most larger cities including Zothay, which the Tyrant doesn’t like but either can’t or won’t do anything about.
    • The name “Uzi” is marked on a map of Rallu (large city state on the eastern tip of the Isle of the Blest)
      • Salty Pete says he is the master of the Red Hydra Inn (in the ports section of Rallu) and was a contact for his former captain.
    • Hex 4321 Shipwrecks abound
    • Hex 4323 LANDSHARKS!
    • Hex 4420 Isle of the Slain
    • Hex 5123 Good stop for a ship to get provisions

Known Areas

    • Raging Mane Inn: at the northern tip of the Isle of the Blest
      • Tavern/Inn appears to be an ancient temple converted to a pirate friendly inn.
      • something in underneath it (see rumors section)
    • <Town> (forget name): mix of civilized elves and humans (everyone looks a bit elvish)
      • have a temple to Athena and a temple to Cilborith (elvish god) - seemed to be high enough to raise/cure
    • Hex 5126: Underwater maze.
      • Entered by going down an ancient and crumbling well on the north east coast of the Isle of the Blest
      • Inhabited by giant (at least one REALLY giant) rats and venomous spitting cobras
      • Partially explored
    • Isle of <??>: Dungeon where large spiders were encountered can be entered through a secret door in the floor of a ruined temple.


    • Ella of the Red Hand: pirate captain met at the Raging Mane Inn. Spoke with Cpt. Chr at length.
      • someone says she has a legitimate writ, she denies
      • known to be honorable (for a pirate)
    • High Priestess of Athena at <Town - forget name>
      • Mordak, Cleric of Athena paid his tithes.

Interesting Unexplored Area

This is where we put areas that we haven’t explored yet, but would like to get back to

Pertinent Logs

Log Nov 28th, 2009 - first voyage of the newly christened “Enterprise”\\ Log Dec 11th, 2009 - Voyage down to the Isle of the Blest and investigate the mysterious underwater labyrinth\\ Log Feb 5th, 2010 - Crew of the Enterprise head back down into the labyrinth

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