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Editing Xin Yath (General)


Rumors/Interesting information

this is where we put general rumors or information

Interesting Unexplored Area

This is where we put areas that we haven’t explored yet, but would like to get back to

    • Several doors off of the rotating room are unexplored.
    • The woodlands surrounding the portal where the Mace of Kilrath was discovered. This appeared to be a different part of the world.
    • Hello Father Dardan, going down? (Many floors remain unexplored down the elevator)

Known Areas

This is where we put areas we have mostly explored but want to keep track of

    • Library
      • On the third(?) level. You can get there through the mirror into the former dragons lair or by going down the steps (have to give the gargoyle a gem)
      • Guarded by a tricked out dwarf, usually irritated. Will make deals for access to library/info.
    • The arena. Remember to buy a chocolate bar, language lessons are on the inside of the wrapper.

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