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After last weeks adventure of taking down the Time Flayer’s using the secret vampire spawn army the Aundae clan was planning to use to attack the Berne clan, the Red Band went around the small port city on the edge of the River Kingdoms, Nailsea. Aralyn attempted to get a hold of a magical item that would let here look like a full elf or full human and in the process she met Soumral Ancientponds. Soumral asked Aralyn out for a night of slumming amongst humans, and they ended up spending the night together (John came along, and was not found out as a human until a ways into the meeting.) The Red Band then decided to tie up loose ends. They convinced Titus Valerian to leave on the Wandering Inn (after he was converted to the faith of Chag-Nuth-Thu), bought a fake boat and sent it out as a target, and confronted the shipper (Bjis Kjarke?) who asked them to move the Aundae crates. They blackmailed him into leaving.

Then they went to the secret cavern below the shipper’s house. They crossed a magic burning bridge and met an illusory dragon. Then they explored a vampire palace and killed a vampire prince and his spawn, got some magic items (including an Apparatus of the Crab), and met a crazy old man who married Angus.