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The Chiming Clocks Adventure

The first members of the adventuring party were Angus the Wizard and Christian’s character. They were asked by the church of Cayden Cailean to bring a priest to a shrine in the forest to complete a mission. They arrived at the shrine, and encountered the Wandering Inn of the Glorious Toad for the first time here. Unfortunately, the priest was whisked away by the inn, but a stranger from the inn (John) ended up joining the party at this point. (Discon, Arallyn, and Frat were soon to join.)

After this, the party moved on, encountering a group of goblins affected by a strange affliction. Some sort of aberration in time had caused time to start reversing around them. The party was able to use a rig with a lightning rod to get the goblins moving through time the right way again. (A nifty kukri/multi weapon was acquired.) The group moved on and found themselves at an ancient tomb where two kings were buried. The party, who began calling themselves the Red Band, was tasked with crowning one of the brothers king and putting their souls to rest. They ended up crowning the evil brother by accident, but the act was quickly made moot when a time flayer appeared before them, and erased the king from history. It is here that John became the only one with ripple-proof memory, which left him to convince the party that something bad was happening and they needed to fix it. (He also had remnants of the previous time line even though the events were erased. He had the tooth of a zombie landshark.) It is here that the party met the undead afficionado Rhambodazzle, and acquired the magical tapestry Tapp.

After this the party investigated a formian hive at the behest of their goblin allies. Tapp was lost, but the party managed to snag some formian eggs. The party wandered a bit, going to Absalom and few other places, and ultimately murdering all the men in a gnoll village (save for a lone survivor who was left to spread word of the prowess of the Red Band.) They adopted the gnoll children as their own, and let the wives take care of them. They tried to uncover the meaning of some runes the time flayers had been leaving around and met the Hierophant, an aboleth and a former member of the Poison Tide. (John did a good job around this time of cleaning up some of the problems that the time flayers had caused. He also “cheated” a bit, and cured his mentor.)

The party ended up acquiring their own dungeon when they rooted out the source of “doxy” a street drug that had recently become popular in Absalom. It turns out that it was being made from the essence of a demon, and the party destroyed the demon and scattered his cult. This is where they met Gwindolyn.

After this, the party had their final confrontation with the time flayers. Using the subjective gravity of the Wandering Inn of the Glorious Toad to launch crates full of undead, an epic battle began. After the undead were unleashed the party began to destroy the machines that were stabilizing the Chiming Clocks, and ultimately defeat the time flayers. Party cooperation was high, and Frat rode Discon as a bat to great effect. Perhaps because what goes up must go down, Frat decided at this point to finally kill the vampire Discon and stabbed him the neck, losing his paladinhood and barely surviving the final part of the battle.

Major Treasure

Major Allies