Golden Lanterns

The Golden Lanterns The Golden Lanterns have only recently been seen in Cauldron, however they are known to be Guardians of Law and Justice, and a force for good in the region, working closely with the Church of Pelor and the Church of St. Cuthbert. Two of the current members of the Golden Lannterns are known to come from the Church of Pelor, Aria and Rhysalis.

Although only recently claiming their new name, others have been associated with the group in the past,

Group Treasury

Wealth and Valuables



Clear, beige Remove Fear 0
Clear, fuchsia Bless Weapon 0
Clear, magnolia Tongues 0
Clear, silver speckles Shield of Faith (+2)0
Cloudy, colorless Fly 0
GrayEnlarge Person 0
Oily, zinnwaldite Blur 0
Orange, swirly Cure Light Wounds 0
Orange, swirly Cure Moderate Wounds 0
Red, swirly Bull’s Strength 0


Entangle1Divine 0
Cure Moderate Wounds2Divine 0
Bear’s Endurance2Divine/Arcane 0
Animate Dead3/4Divine/Arcane 0
Cause Moderate Wounds2Divine 0
Dismissal4/5Divine/Arcane 0
Cloud Kill5Arcane 0
Wall of Fire4Arcane 0

Weapons and Shields

Magic Items

To sell:

Individual Items

Misc Items

Wim the Quartermaster’s Arsenal of Armaments (ideas for spending our treasure)

We need items that can grant us flight, especially in such a melee-heavy group (4 melee fighters, plus 1 cleric that sometimes mixes it up)!