Shackled City House Rules

James introduced the following house rules:

  1. Some changes to diplomacy detailed below.
  2. No Cross Class Skills, you just need to convince James that the skill is relevant to your character.
  3. Full Progression BAB classes (Fighter, Ranger etc.) who take Dodge automatically get Mobility for Free at level 4.
  4. Allowed resources: Core 3.5, and all the “Complete” books. The GM reserves the right to use Book of Vile Darkness, Book of Exalted Deeds, and any other material to find fiendish and nasty encounters for the players…
  5. Hide and Move Silently are now one skill, called Sneak.
  6. Open Locks is now subsumed into the Disable Device skill.

Iterative Attacks

During the 2009-10-18 Lady Rhiavadi session, Alex proposed that we consider using a variant iterative attack rule, described and discussed in detail here. James said we were welcome, as players, to do it. Instead of the cascading bonuses for current iterative attacks, up to a possible 4th attack at BAB +16, the variant works as follows:

Statistically, you get similar damage output as current iterative attack rules, except at the corner cases when facing foes whose ACs are extremely high or extremely low relative to your attack bonus. The big advantage – fewer rolls, but in particular fewer different bonuses to add!


  1. You will not be able to use diplomacy in combat, except under unusual circumstances, such as duel or formal fight, and then there may be some circumstance modifiers to combat skills and diplomacy, we can work something out. (I am thinking about -2 to BAB, AC and Damage, and the oponant may get a will save), and you may not be able to use it before combat if the other side already considers a fight necessary, they don’t have to listen to you before attacking…
  2. Some NPCs will never become friendly, their interests run too different to the party, but you may make them less hostile, temporarily. This means that for NPCs that have activities that you are interfering with there will be a limit of how much you can move their disposition, see below for the details of the limits.
  3. If you use diplomacy on an NCP, their attitude to you will shift back to normal over time, unless you take some effort to maintain it, friendship is two way afterall, fast talking can start the process, but there has got to be some substance.

The maximum attitude you can reach via Diplomacy is reduced by one for every two steps you’re away from their alignment:

  1. Hostile
  2. Unfriendly
  3. Indifferent
  4. Friendly
  5. Helpful

If you’re LG and your opponent is two steps away at CG you can shift them to Friendly at most.

If you’re LG and your opponent is four steps away at CE you can shift them to Indifferent at most.

Prestige Classes

Horizon Walker

Emergent Sorcerer